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Old Process vs New Method

Before 529easy Using 529easy

Parents or Guardians either pay for educational expenses out of pocket and request a withdrawal to cover their expenses or they guess as to how much they need to withdraw from the 529 plan.

Parents, Guardians and Students pay for educational expenses with a swipe of the 529easy debit card.

Parents, Guardians and Students had lack of clarity as to what is a qualified expense.

Each item is deemed qualified educational expenses or non-qualified expenses instantly at the merchant’s point of sale.

Parents, Guardians and Students must save receipts of expenses.

With pre-qualified expenses, Parents, Guardians and Students do not have to worry about receipts.

Distributions were requested through a withdrawal form, verbal request or online request.

One-time online registration allows Parents or Guardians to choose how to automatically trade the investment portfolio at each point of sale purchase as well as order debit card.

Payment of distributions must wait until settlement occurs.

Point of sale purchases occur instantly and our patent-pending technology will settle the account automatically.